Online Singing Lessons

High-quality online singing lessons to enable students to learn remotely.

I now offer great online singing lessons to students who are interested in learning remotely.

To see what your online singing lessons will be like and get a better understanding of how it works I would recommend watching the video below.

Getting set up for online lessons:

    - All lessons take place via Zoom (a free platform - all you need is a meeting ID and password) but happy to use your preferred platform such as Skype;

    - All you need is two devices, a pair of headphones, a speaker and a strong internet connection! Headphones help reduce any feedback. One device is for the Zoom call (your most up-to-date device) and the other is for playing your backing track to sing along to. A good speaker for playback is recommended! It's best that you're near the router for the best connection, plus good lighting in the room. Also make sure that other people in your household aren't using a lot of internet bandwidth at the same time!

    - Have your resources ready to access before you start, e.g. your lesson notes, lyrics and backing tracks (provided to you after your first lesson);

    - With Zoom, I'll get you set up with a few helpful settings which get the best out of the sound - it takes about 10 seconds! (it's best to be on a desktop/laptop for further improved sound settings).

Students can expect to improve their vocal technique and confidence just as efficiently online as with face to face lessons; they'll be able to progress their voice and hit goals the same way as in person. I write up feedback/pointers for each lesson in the form of lesson notes, which students will have access to via Google Drive with their own named folder, which will include other resources such as mp3s of warm-ups, backing tracks and lyrics. Students can add notes or any further resources to their folders too.

Online has proved to be a success - it's just a case of "turn-taking" i.e. me teaching and the student repeating. This back and forth way of learning rather than simultaneous playing/singing is the way it can work online in order to avoid latency.

Additionally, for those who are interested in I have also embarked upon a new virtual choir venture: ChoirCast! This project brings together any singer, whatever their experience, by getting them to film themselves on a smartphone/tablet/computer and sending their recording in for a huge compilation video. We have recorded quite a few videos already, including "Bohemian Rhapsody", featuring Gareth Malone, which featured on BBC Points West in the second week of lockdown. For more information about joining our online Choir then check out our Facebook group: ChoirCast.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, give me a call now on 0117 441 1450 or email at to find out more or arrange your fist online singing lesson.

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